Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Solar Panels


Solar energy is one of the best renewable energy sources. Solar energy is clean and has no harmful emissions that impact the environment unlike conventional fossil fuels. It is harnessed through photovoltaic cells technology which allows sunlight to be converted into usable electricity.

While it seems costly, owning a solar panel system is a significant investment that can provide you with clean, renewable energy for decades, bringing about a positive return on investment. In order to ensure this return though, maintenance is crucial. Regular maintenance and cleaning is necessary to ensure the panels’ longevity and fully functioning format.

How do you maintain your solar panels Sydney? Take a look at the tips we have shared to maintain your solar panels:

Clear Dirt and Debris Build-Up

Solar panels need to be cleaned frequently. The occasional rain will take care of the dust and dirt, however, it is a good idea to watch for these sunlight blocking build-up on the panels every few months to ensure there is no residual dirt or leaves. If you find any, just rinse them off with a hose to remove the debris.

You don’t have to get to the roof to clean the panels especially as it is unsafe for untrained people. Make sure to use a long-handle wiper to clean the panels from the ground. You can also call the professionals to get the panels cleaned to ensure proper execution & peace of mind.

The available solar panel cleaning kits come in very handy for this particular method of cleaning the solar panels. Do not use abrasive cleaning solutions, soap or sponges as it can potentially damage the glass.

Check the Panels after Severe Weather Events

Bad weather conditions can damage the solar panels beyond repair. Broken glass on the cover of the panels will in turn impact the performance of your solar panel system. It is quite simple to diagnose & detect this issue by physically checking the appearance of the panels, or by monitoring the results in the tracking system software for variable fluctuations. Fortunately, most home insurance plans cover panels in the case of severe weather events but consultation is recommended. If the panels are damaged, contact your installer, and they will get it fixed right away.

Monitor the System

Most of the solar power systems come with online tracking and monitoring in which case tracking the performance of the system regularly is made readily available and simple. It’s highly recommended  to implement this to monitor the system regularly, allowing users to detect the faults earlier and get it fixed before it worsens.

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