Important Things to Look At When Buying a Manufactured Home


Are you buying a manufactured home? Wondering what important things you need to pay attention to? Manufactured homes cary. They are transported from a factory and constructed as individual units.

What makes them all different?

They vary in their square footage and numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms. You can get a lot of space actually. Take a look at the builders first. Most builders offer a variety of homes and square footage. The finishings they use will also be different and this can be dependent on your budget. Surprisingly, the wall finishings can be different and this can be super important if you are looking for more privacy within the rooms of the home. Remember that they are sold as is so you want to take a look at adding on any skirting or decks. All of those options would be in addition to the purchase of the mobile home structure.

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Where you can buy a manufactured home?

Manufactured homes are sold by dealers or within a community that already exists. You can purchase them from independent dealerships, factory dealerships, manufactured home communities, or real estate listings. Real estate listings are your best step if you are looking for a pre-owners manufacture home.

“Always do your research as with any big purchase. If you are working with a dealership, they can come in strong and use sales tactics that can grab you in at your first look. You want to see different options before you make a decision this big. If you are looking at pre-owned manufacture homes, take a tour in person or online and find a buyers agent to represent you. You want to make sure you are deciding based on factual information, not feelings.” – Tip By Tampa Buyers Broker


You want all of the inspections possible, just as if you were buying any home. This gives you a full pictured of the entirety of the home and allows you to make a well rounded decision. You can also negotiate any potential home fixes that need to happen as apart of your contract. This can be a big deal if you are financing and need a proper appraisal for your home loan. Work alongside your agent to make sure all of the bases are covered in your home buying process.

For more information on purchasing a manufacture home, or any purchase of a home, contact your local real estate expert.

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