How Colours Impact Productivity


What colour should you paint your office? Of course, you want it to be beautiful and attractive. But, do you know colours in your workplace affect decision-making, creativity, communication, and productivity? Yes, colours can greatly influence the moods and reactions of your employees and clients. Office colours just don’t change your employees’ emotions but also impacts their productivity.

If you haven’t yet thought about it, you should take a look at your office colours and consider repainting to achieve your business goals. In fact, it is a good idea to work with the professionals when it comes to commercial painting Sydney job.

Here is how you can use the most common colours effectively in your office:-

Blue – Boosts productivity and increases calmness

Blue is an intellectual shade that is known to stimulate the mind. Blue has different effects based on the hues. While strong shades of blue provokes – clear thoughts, soft hues aid concentration and have a calming effect. Blue is a perfect shade for businesses that need their employees to concentrate for a long period as it helps increase productivity. Besides, blue is associated with trustworthy, secure, and dependable, which is why this colour is popular among medical companies and financial institutions.

Yellow – Encourage collaborating

Yellow is the most inviting and uplifting colour. If you want to create an invigorating workplace environment, adding accents of yellow could help without overwhelming the senses. Research shows that, yellow is the strongest shade that can help spark creativity as well as memory. Yellow is the right shade in areas where people do a lot of collaboration, brainstorming, and creative work.

Green – Make people relaxed at work

Natural surroundings put people in a calmer state, and it applies to the workplace as well. Incorporating shades of green into your office colours helps to create a relaxed environment where your employees can remain calm and efficient at the same time. You could get the calming benefit by adding green plants around the office.

Red – Invokes emotion and passion

If your job involves a lot of physical activity, then red is the right shade to boost productivity. Besides, if there is something in your office that you want to grab attention, paint it red. Get help from the commercial painters Sydney to use this colour appropriately, as overuse can negatively impact your employees.

Savvy businesses have been using the psychology of colours for years to achieve their business goals. Professional commercial painting contractors Sydney can help you use shades in the best way to achieve your business objectives. Yes, the commercial painters in Sydney can bring a new life into the office and also help choose the right colours to achieve certain things right from triggering positive moods to boosting employee’s productivity and creativity.

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