Handy Shares Tricks to Keep a Small Kitchen Clean



According to Handy, even a small kitchen can become extremely difficult to clean if the duty is neglected for too long. In fact, if you don’t maintain a regular cleaning routine for your kitchen, it can become demoralizing to work in the space due to the presence of dirt and grime. Still, many people tend to struggle with cleaning the kitchen, no matter the floor space available.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to keep a small kitchen clean:

1. Take out the trash every day

The best way to keep your kitchen clean and smelling fresh all the time is to take out the trash every day. It is bad practice to take out the trash only after it gets full, especially if you have a small kitchen.

If you let the trash sit in the trash can for more than a day, it can stink up the whole kitchen. The leftover food can also attract maggots, pests, and insects that can become a health hazard and become difficult to clean. Also, don’t forget to clean the trash can as well after you empty the trash.

2. Keep things organized in a small space

Small kitchens tend to look messy and untidy even if you keep a few kitchen utensils or tools out of place. That is why it is crucial to keep every item in its proper place. For instance, ensure you clear the clutter on the counter after every use to keep it looking clean.

Avoid unnecessary mess by leaving dirty utensils on the counter such as serving forks, knives, or spoons. You can create kitchen counter zones to designate counter spaces for specific tasks. This helps to prevent other areas from getting dirty.

3. Make it a habit to sweep and mop the kitchen floors

It can be a joy to sweep and mop small kitchen spaces since you can get it over with quickly. Generally, it is recommended you vacuum and perform a quick sweep of the kitchen floors every night and immediately after spills.

Once a week, mop the kitchen floor with a floor-cleaning solution and allow it to dry completely before use. This will help to keep the kitchen floors in good condition and prevent tripping hazards.

4. Always keep the kitchen sink clean

Avoid the temptation to stack up dirty bowls in the sink and always strive for an empty sink. This will help to keep your kitchen clean and smelling fresh as well.

Also, remember to clean the sink and faucet every day with a hot, soapy solution or homemade cleaner to prevent the growth of bacteria. A diluted bleach solution works great in this regard!


Handy suggests you wipe up kitchen spills immediately before they become a sticky mess and leave hard-to-remove stains. You can use paper towels to clean the bulk of the mess and use a cloth dipped in hot, soapy water to wipe the sticky residue. Cleaning kitchen spills immediately helps to prevent unwanted mess and makes your job easier in the future.

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