Five Tricks to Keep Your Appliances Running In Winter Season


Home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, and ovens, etc. form an inseparable part of our daily lives. No matter what season or what part of the year it is, we need them all the time for our daily chores. However, we need to take special care of our appliances during rough and extreme weather conditions, especially during the winters.

In this post, we discuss with you the top 5 secret tricks to keep your home appliances up and running smoothly in the winter season as well. These tricks are simple to follow but can be very impactful when it comes to saving your time, botheration, as well as hard-earned money. So, let’s go!

1.Maintaining Appliances With Outside Vents

The family of home appliances, which are most porn to be damaged by the harsh winter weather, is the ones with an outside vent. Appliances like dryers, kitchen chimneys, and home chimneys fall under this category.

On a chilly winter evening, when you sit inside your temperature-controlled living room, do not forget that your dryer vent is facing the harsh winter, snow, and hail upfront! The snowflakes and the freezing temperature can severely damage the external vent of a home appliance. In most cases, the opening of the vent gets blocked by the heavy snow. Running the appliance in such a situation can prove to be fetal.

Therefore, when using any appliance with an external vent, especially in winters, make sure that the vent is not blocked or damaged. If it is the case, you should go for appliance repair immediately. 

2.Refrigerator Maintenance in Winters

Some special home appliances require specialized measures in winters. The refrigerator is one such appliance. Here are a few special refrigerator care steps that you can take in winters:

  • Adjust the operational temperature of your refrigerator in winters. The refrigerator should be kept between 36 to 38 degrees F while that of the freezer should be set between 0 to 5 degrees F.
  • The refrigerators meant for operation at room temperature must not be used in the warmed rooms during winters. Doing so will lead to inefficient functioning of the appliance and may also damage it permanently.
  • During winters, the refrigerator may show signs of over condensation on its interior walls. Observe this regularly and if the phenomena occur, call for appliance repair

3.Washing Machine & Dishwasher Maintaninece

Washing machines and dishwashers are the appliances that take large amounts of water as an input. In most cases, the water is supplied to the appliance through the direct tap supply. And, it does not take much to guess what happens to the tap water during the winter season. The water gets frozen in the pipeline itself and your washing machine or dishwasher, whatever the case is, is devoid of the direct water supply.

Therefore, the next time you find that your appliance’s water tank does not just get filled, do not panic! Just check for the frozen water in the pipe.

4. Ensuring Energy Efficiency during Winters 

It has been observed that the power consumption by the appliances goes up during the winter season. This is particularly typical of appliances like refrigerators and freezers which are meant to produce a cooling effect. The reason behind this can be attributed to the fact that during the winter season an imbalance is created between the normal room temperature of the warmed and air-conditioned rooms.

Therefore, it is advised that before the onset of the winter season, the operational temperature of such devices should be adjusted to the recommended levels. Doing so will ensure that your appliance does not consume abnormally high energy, and you do not see a sudden burp in your power bills..   

5.Yearly Servicing 

The final and most important trick to ensure the normal functioning of your appliances during winters is to get the appliances serviced and repaired right before the cold spell of the season kicks in. Home appliances should any way be serviced on a yearly bases. Then why not get the service done before the winters so that the winters go smooth!

Regular servicing ensures that all the vital components of an appliance are thoroughly checked, and the issues found, if any, are fixed immediately. Along with this, the specific components of an appliance can be properly oiled and lubricated at the time of yearly servicing.

Therefore, in order to avoid any kind of contingencies related to your home appliances during the winter season, the best way out is to go for proper servicing through an appliance repair partner, beforehand!

Therefore, these were some of the tips & tricks to keep your appliances running properly even during the extreme winters. Following these tips is simple, and with this little effort, you can ensure the good health and functioning of all your appliances. And guess what? It will also ensure that your time and unnecessary effort on appliance repair gets saved.

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