Five Designs Increasing Property Prices In 2024


Improving the value of your home requires a good understanding of the housing market. While many factors are beyond the control of a single property and its owner, such as the area’s social and cultural landscape, several factors can be influenced. For those who are looking to sell their home, these factors are important to recognise because they ensure they get a suitable return on their original investment.

The following five features are this year’s most popular designs and home assets, those in demand from buyers and which are helping homes to sell for higher prices on the market.

Solar Panels

In an environmentally conscious society, especially one that sees residents seek to reduce their monthly energy bills, the EPC rating reigns. One of the most popular features for a modern home is, as such, the solar panel. These renewable energy assets are increasingly affordable and easy to install. While the price of energy fluctuates, and not always in a resident’s favour, the benefits of solar panels are clear. What’s more, homes that do have them provenly perform better on the market.

Underfloor Heating

Both a luxury and cost-effective way of heating a living space, underfloor heating is one of the most desirable property features in 2024. The popularity of this interior design choice was once hindered by significant upfront costs, however, these are reserved for water-based heating systems. Now, underfloor heating can be added to a home with the addition of simple electronic heat matts.

These simple and low-cost pads are placed beneath floorboards and tiles to then be controlled by a remote application, one generally kept to a resident’s mobile device. Then, heating schedules can be automated or controlled manually at any time, even remotely.

External Office

With many residents now looking to establish remote offices at home, garden cabins, summer houses, and shed conversions are becoming immensely popular as a practical solution to the need for professional space.

As a result, garden outbuilding designs are becoming even more widespread and affordable, ensuring that residents are able to get a design that works for their space.

Pantry Space

Following the international health crisis, as well as the wake of cottagecore design trends, pantries have made a comeback. The desire for greater food storage, from dried goods shelving to chest freezers, is reaching a peak, with many residents looking for ways to keep a greater amount of food for longer periods of time. Forward-thinking homeowners should add such a pantry space to the property to see it receive even greater demand.

Smart Boiler

Homeowners who choose to add smart features to their property are seldom going to regret their addition, especially as the market calls for a greater degree of future proofing at home. However, it is the smart boiler that will be most valuable to any property seller, especially since new boilers have long been a favourite on the market.

By upgrading to a smart boiler before placing a home on the market, a property will demonstrate the potential for lower monthly bills and many years of assured performance, preventing buyers from doubting their investment.

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