Discoloration On Roof Shingles


Dark streaks and discoloration are most likely due to your roof shingles being in high humidity areas (like Florida). Gloeocapsa magma, a blue-green alga, causes discoloration and dark streaks. These algae spores spread throughout the air and can plant themselves anywhere except where there is metal flashing.


Zinc and copper are both toxic to algae, so the metal flashing of your roof is usually coated with them. Because copper and zinc are toxic to algae, you will see streaks on your roof.

Will algae spores cause roof discoloration?

The algae spores will not cause discoloration of your roof’s shingles. It can make your home look bad and may lower your home’s value. Most people will see the algae as evidence of a roof problem or poor maintenance.

How can I get rid of the discoloration on my roof?

There are several ways to temporarily remove algae from your roof. Although you can use a chemical cleaner to temporarily remove the algae from your roof, repeated use of harsh chemicals will cause your asphalt shingles to wear out faster and damage the landscaping. People have tried power washing their roofs. Power-washing can damage your roof’s warranty and reduce its lifespan. It is best to use an eco-friendly solvent designed for algae removal that won’t damage your shingles and plants. No matter what method you use to clean it, the algae will return, regardless of how long you take to prevent its growth.

How can I prevent algae from growing on my roof’s shingles?

Two methods can be used to stop algae growth on your shingles. First, have a roofing contractor install a copper- or zinc-coated sheet metal beneath the ridge. You can do it yourself, but if you don’t follow the correct procedures, your roof could leak and invalidate your warranty. When it comes to honoring a roof warranty, most shingle manufacturers will have specific procedures that you must follow.

Installing algae-resistant shingles is the second-best way to stop algae growth on your roof. These shingles have copper granules in the shingle that prevent algae growth. Perry Roofing Contractors make sure that every roof we install has 6% copper granules. This ensures that it looks great for many years.

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