Creating the ultimate at-home car repair space


Are you a die-hard car enthusiast? What better way to exercise your passion than by spending your spare time investigating the inner workings of your cars?

Whether you are just looking to tinker from time to time or fix up a failing vehicle, it is important to work in the right environment. Ensure your safety and the security of your possessions by following this guide to creating the ultimate at-home car repair space.

Find a suitable spot

The first stage of designing your dedicated repair space is to find a suitable spot.

You will need to make sure that the space can accommodate cars in a range of sizes, with plenty of room for you to manoeuvre around them. You must also ensure that your vehicles are protected from bad weather, and against the potential theft.

Your garage, as a space designed with car storage in mind, is the obvious choice for an at-home repair area. Larger properties may have an outhouse or barn that would also work well.

Get organised

Once you have chosen your spot, get organised. Strip the space down to a blank canvas before building your dream car repair space.

Start by clearing out any old or irrelevant items and doing a deep clean. When the space is empty, take time to plan out your modifications and identify anything you need to adapt before you bring in your vehicles and tools.

Storage should be a key focus of your re-design as you will have to keep a lot of gear in here. Look into the option of installing floating shelves to free-up the area below and other space-saving options like heavy-duty wall-mounted racks. Stackable bins and boxes which can be clearly labelled are a must.

Invest in the right tools

It’s time to fill your brand-new workshop with all of the essential gear. Research and invest in the right tools for your project so that nothing can slow you down once you’re underway.

Accessing the undercarriage of the car is key to conducting repairs, so jack stands are essential. Larger automobiles will require special lifting equipment like bottle jacks that are designed to support vehicles with a higher clearance.

Requisites for your tool bag include wrench and screwdriver sets and a car battery changer, as well as PPE like protective eyewear and gloves. You should also have a variety of key spare car parts handy.

Keep the area clean

Remember to keep the area clean at all times. Tidy up after yourself as you go and regularly sweep the floor and wipe down the surfaces.

You might think that cleanliness is not very important, especially if you are working alone in the space. However, it is a crucial part of safeguarding your health and wellbeing while you work. Having a clean space with clear walkways and doorways significantly reduces the chance of any slips or trips while you’re working.

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