Check Pool Business Software and Learn About the Future of Pool Automation


We can all agree that from the very beginning of swimming pools, handling water and other things inside was a manual operation that took both time and energy. If you wish to maintain the water and keep it balanced, you have to scoop it and run it through a test.

On the other hand, if you wish to check the temperature, you should implement a thermometer that will do it instead of you.

However, since technology has changed significantly, the advancements brought us to a point where we are using smart products and gadgets all around us.

Therefore, finding management software for a pool service business is not that problematic nowadays, you have to check out the link we shared with you.

The same thing goes for pool technology and industry because manufacturers started to create automated systems that you will be able to install to boost the convenience and overall productivity of your maintenance team.

Today, with an automated system, you can easily control and monitor various functions of your swimming pool wherever you are by using tablet, smartwatch or mobile device.

  1. You Can Communicate With Your Pool By Using Smartphone

Even though automated pool systems have been around for a few years back, they were not efficient enough which will allow you to use them with ease. Most of them feature timers that could activate maintenance cycles, turn on pool lights and handle other essential tasks as well.

However, some advanced automated systems come with a native mobile application so that you can communicate with your pool by using internet and Smartphone.

You have to set up the connection between your pool systems and your phone, and that will provide you complete control.

Therefore, it does not matter whether you are driving from work or chilling in the house, because you will be able to turn on the app and check the condition of your pool, adjust the temperature, activate pumps or cleaners and many more things based on the system you own.

That future already started, so if you wish to create a new pool, we recommend you to think about an automated system that will allow you peace of mind. By clickinghere, you canunderstand more on automatic pool cleaning systems.

Pool Automation

  1. Creative Design Styles and Materials

When talking about the future of swimming pools, you should have in mind that it is about not only gadgets and technology.

Other things will also change the way we perceive swimming pools especially when you have in mind that designers and contractors are looking new and unique options.

For instance, during the past time, most people enjoyed rectangular pools since they were most common and convenient for swimming and doing laps. However, today, you can consider numerous shapes since designs are computer-based and materials are more flexible than before.

That is why every single year creates a new opportunity for materials and other things that may affect the overall design and contraction of pools outside your home.

Since materials are sturdier and longer lasting than before, you will have a pleasing and appealing pool that will stand the test of time.

At the same time, you should remember that pool design is also getting innovative and advanced, and you will find numerous bells and whistles that will come with it from pool benches, splash decks to a large variety of water features that will allow you to customize based on your preferences.

  1. Automated In-Floor Cleaning Systems

These systems are the perfect ways to maintain a clean and clear pool and also prevent contamination in overall.

Since you can use robotic vacuums to handle manual labor without your interference, you can also use automatic in-floor systems to enjoy in the self-cleaning pool that you can connect to a native app.

It is important to remember that these systems come with pumping unit as well as rotating jet heads that use pressurized water streams with the idea to remove contaminants and bacteria that tend to accumulate in pool surfaces.

Finally, you can rest assured, because the system can efficiently work at all times, even when you are using it, which means that there will not be any interruption along the way.

In overall, you should have in mind that these cleaning systems require significant investments when compared with manual alternatives that you can find, but they will pay off in thelong run primarily due to lower maintenance costs that you will need to pay.

We recommend you to visit this website: so that you can understand more on how to green your pool with ease.

  1. Automation Apps

Another significant trend that entered the world of pool care is the use of automated system apps that you can connect to the internet so that you can check and adjust cleaning settings wherever you are and see other things such as pool chemistry.

Automation systems will ship and order your customers with pre-measured chemicals, so you have to add the pool water as soon as you get notification from a native app.

Finally, you will be able to help your customers to keep track of water conditions wherever they are, which vital consideration is when it comes to the future of swimming pools.

The best thing about it is that you will reduce the time for maintenance and make everything simple and convenient.

  1. AOP (Advanced Oxidation Processes)

Another vital advancement that we have to mention is here is AOP that will provide you the possibility to minimize chlorine use and eliminate it to the point of drinking levels.

Have in mind that when chlorine reacts with organic materials such as oils and sweat, the pool water will create harmful byproducts that may cause allergies, eye irritation, and other health issues as well.

Without providing disinfection, systems that do not feature AOP will reduce the quality of water, and that may lead to severe issues that will reduce customer satisfaction.

Even though chlorine is useful for reducing and eliminating microbes and parasites, some of them are resistant to it, which is why you should have better sanitation system that will improve the quality of water inside your pool.

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