10 Things You Should Do To Help Ensure Your Home Move Goes Without Complications


If not handled appropriately, moving into a new house can be extremely stressful. Any actions you can take to lessen that tension will unquestionably make your relocation a much more enjoyable experience. When they get caught up in the excitement of a move people occasionally forget some of the things that should be a priority.  Once you have chosen your preferred removals company  you should be able to leave the transportation of your possessions to them. This should give you time to focus on the other important tasks that are associated with any home move. In this short article we have prepared a movers’ checklist for you in order to ensure that your relocation goes successfully. If you adhere to these suggestions, your move should go smoothly and without stress.

Verify a Date

This is your top priority because it is very difficult to make any other arrangements until you have a definite date. If you are a homebuyer then your move will generally need to be completed on the same day. On the other hand if you are moving into a rental there is frequently some wiggle room.

Obtain Moving Quotes

It is imperative that you obtain several quotations for removals in Bournemouth unless you intend to move your possessions yourself. Most removal companies will conduct a free survey before providing you with a quote. Always be honest about your spending limit and make sure you are clear on what is included in the price you have been quoted. Packing your own items is a wonderful method to cut costs. If you decide to follow this path, be sure to use appropriate boxes and make sure they are all clearly labelled. If at all feasible, it is advisable to write a note of the contents on the side of each box. This will make it much simpler for you to identify the items once they arrive at your new home.

Request a Mail Re-Direction

Make sure all of your mail is forwarded to your new address before you relocate. Although there is a minor fee involved, it is definitely worth it to safeguard yourself from the potential of identity theft. Prior to moving day, you can set up mail redirects and keep them in place for as long as you like, although six months is typically plenty.

Inform Your Bank and Credit Card Companies

Although it may seem obvious, many people overlook this. You must inform banks, building societies, and insurance firms. This is primarily to make sure they can get in touch with you in case of an emergency, all of these organisations will need to update their records.

Probably more importantly since both cards and PIN numbers are supplied via mail, it is crucial that they are delivered to the proper address in order to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Update your Driving Licence

It’s crucial to update your driving licence, so the correct address is listed. You have two options for doing this: online at GOV.UK or by mail. There is no charge if you need to update your licence, but failing to do so may well result in a fine. Updating your licence should therefore be at the top of your list.

Modify the information on your vehicle registration document.

Failure to notify the DVLA of your move may result in a fine of up to £1000. If you are the registered keeper, you must update the vehicle’s VSC or log book. Both short and long-term migrations fall under this. Similar to a licence, updating your information is free and can be done online or by mail.

Make Any Moves Known to Your Car Insurance Company

The cost of a car insurance premium is significantly influenced by location. As a result, you need to inform your insurance provider of any address changes. Failure to do so can result in them rejecting any claims because they were provided with inaccurate information.

Finalise your Meter readings

Make sure to take water, gas, and electricity meter readings before leaving your old home. As further evidence, it is best to take a picture if you can because it will have a timestamp. To prevent getting charged for someone else’s consumption, send them to your utility provider. On their websites, the majority of utility companies have change of address forms. When you move, you can typically continue working with your present supplier if you’re eager to do so. To check if you can save money, it could be worthwhile to check prices being offered by competitors.

Check the insurance on your new home.

Did you know that you have up to 30 days before moving in to insure your new home. By transferring your home and contents insurance, you can make sure the structure and its contents are protected from the moment you arrive. If you are transferring an existing policy, ensure sure it is in existence as of the day you receive the keys and that it provides all the coverage you require at your new residence.

Change your information on the voter list.

To guarantee that you can still cast a vote in local and national elections, It is crucial that you are properly registered, particularly if you are relocating to a new location. If you fail to do this you will be disqualified from voting.

While we can’t 100% guarantee that we have covered every eventuality, we’re pretty confident the items on the list above will undoubtedly help you reduce a lot of the stress associated with any home relocation,

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