What Are the Best Strategies for Growing Your Plumbing Business in 2023?


With reports that the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) put forth, you can conclude that the plumbing sector is growing.

In today’s competitive business world, the plumbing industry is not limited to people with many years of experience. That is because entrepreneurs have also started taking a plunge into the plumbing industry.

So if you already own a plumbing business and want to take it to another level, consider the following strategies to achieve the goal:

1. Have Social Proof

Growing your plumbing business can be achieved if you have social proof. You will need to prove that you own a reputable business and offer what you say you offer.

There are several ways to provide customers with social proof. This can be through reviewing social sites, websites, or social media, like Facebook and Instagram, you name it.

2. Learn How to Bid for Plumbing Jobs

Bidding on plumbing jobs starts with choosing the projects you can bid on. Some bid lead platforms, such as PlanHub, may help you as a contractor bid a plumbing job that fits your skills and services within your geographical area.

With a bid platform’s help, you can also review bid documents for plumbing jobs, request quotes from suppliers, add profit/overhead, create plumbing cost proposals, and carry out a plumbing takeoff.

3. Modernize Your Plumbing Website

Most plumbing contractors capitalize on referrals to build their customer base. Although referrals remain a helpful tool, these days, most customers search online to look for qualified plumbers.

A certain report shows that around 25% of customers use the internet to look for local businesses every day. This, of course, includes plumbing businesses.

To create a modern website, you don’t necessarily have to be a coding professional. Though there are helpful tips, you must keep them in mind when modifying or building your website. Some of these may include:

  • Adding testimonials
  • Making easy-to-find information
  • Including payment options
  • Adding pricing

4. Manage and Gather Online Reviews

For everyone coming across a new service provider, a perfect way to determine whether they are worth the salt is to go through their testimonials and reviews.

You may have a professional, friendly-looking plumbing site or a Google My Business profile. But if your clients are not impressed with your services, your plumbing won’t go to another level.

Plus, customer reviews and testimonials are not in your control. That makes them more important for everyone planning to hire your services.

5. Invest in CRM Tools

If you are looking to efficiently run your business and use built-in details to do your business, consider investing in a CRM.

A CRM tool will enable you to store and collect the contact details of your current customers. These may include email addresses, names, and phone numbers.

With these details, you may easily reach out to them for various reasons. For instance, let them know of promotions or services you want to provide.

The Takeaway!

Growing any plumbing business is a long journey. But in the end, it is very rewarding. Being your own boss is also fulfilling, not to mention it is more profitable.

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