How to Tidy Your Teenager’s Bedroom


Teenagers the world over seem more than happy to dwell in a bedroom that looks as though a bomb has exploded in it. While they are comfortable in a mess, it can be frustrating for their parents, especially those who like to have their homes looking and smelling clean and fresh. If you are one of those people who cannot stand the sight of their teenager’s bedroom, you might decide to take matters into your own hands and clean and declutter your child’s bedroom while they are out of the house. The following then are a few tips for how to go about this.

Where to Start

It can be difficult to know where to start in a room where you cannot even see the floor, but the best thing to do is to make piles. You are likely to find clothes that need to go in the laundry basket and clothes that have already been washed, dried, and ironed (just not put away). You might even find cutlery, cups, and plates that have been on the missing list for some time. Not to mention quite a bit of trash. Separating things into piles will make it easier for you to tackle the mess.

Get rid of the trash first and then put the dirty clothes in the laundry. Clean clothes can be folded away into drawers or hung up in the closet. Be careful when you open the closet door, though – teenagers are notorious for stuffing things behind closed doors when asked to tidy up.

Declutter Where Possible

Once you have put everything away, you can give the floor a vacuum and dust over window sills, bedside tables, the TV, and any games consoles. Now that the room is semi-tidy, you can consider decluttering. Remember, it is okay to make piles of things that you believe to be trash but don’t get rid of anything without checking with your child first. What might be one person’s trash could be another’s treasure.

You might find clothes in your teenager’s closet that are clearly too small. If so, make a pile that can be donated to charity. If the clothes are torn or very worn, then they can go to landfill instead. You might find shoes that can be donated too. If your teen has a favorite pair of shoes that are worn and smelly, don’t throw them out. Instead, give them a good clean and, when they are dry, spray them with shoe deodorant. According to the folk at ShoeFresh shoe deodorizer, this can keep odors at bay for up to three months.

Make the Most of Storage

Clever storage solutions such as closet organizers are a terrific way to make the most of the storage space that you have. If you have space, consider installing extra drawers or cabinets in the bedroom, or you could buy some large plastic tubs with lids that can be stacked in a corner. These are a great way for teens to place their items when they are not being used and will help to keep the room clean and tidy.


Cleaning a teen’s messy room is no mean feat, but if you tackle it bit by bit it can be done. Once you have sorted out the mess, you should establish some rules around how it can be kept clean. Tell your teen that dirty clothing must be placed in the laundry basket and that clean clothes should be put away as soon as they are ironed. All dirty dishes must be returned to the kitchen after use and no half-eaten food should be allowed to stay in the room. Hopefully, this will help to keep the room clean and tidy.

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