What Can You Do with An Angle Grinder?


An angle grinder is a power tool, and one that you might not think you will ever need. However, if you are a keen DIY enthusiast and enjoy the idea of upscaling, this could be the perfect tool to have in your kit. To understand more about what makes an angle grinder an essential tool for DIY jobs, it is worth knowing what this fabulous little handheld tool can do.

There are three basic functions an angle grinder can perform: grinding, cutting, and polishing. According to the good folk at Devour Tools (https://www.devourtools.com/), provided they are used with the correct disc or angle grinder blade, the angle grinder can become the most important tool in your kit, replacing various other tools and ensuring that jobs are completed quickly and effortlessly.

How do Angle Grinders Work

An angle grinder is fitted with special discs or blades depending on the job being done. They have a rotating disc that is capable of performing various tasks and can be used on materials such as brass, copper, stone, tile, iron, and brick. Most angle grinders have discs that will rotate about 12,000 times every minute (this is known as rpm, or revolutions per minute). Some have the option for reduced speeds, for operations such as polishing.

An angle grinder will be powered by either a battery or the mains supply. Cordless angle grinders are portable and easy to use but tend to be less powerful than those that are connected to the mains.

Uses of Angle Grinders

Removing Rust and Paint

It is possible to remove paint from metal without causing damage to said metal. To remove paint, the angle grinder should be fitted with a stripping disc that can remove any chipped or peeling paint. Rust can also be removed with a metal cleaning disc attachment.

Polishing Metal

When fitted with an abrasive grinding disc, metal can be flattened and smoothed. It is also possible to completely remove pieces of metal if necessary. When a low-speed setting is used, metal can be polished to improve the finished look.

Cutting Tiles

If you have an angle grinder, you can use it to cut tiles as they work in a similar way to larger wet saws. Provided you use a masonry cutting wheel, you can get a clean cut on your tiles.

Cutting Metal

Tradespeople such as plumbers and welders often use angle grinders fitted with cut-off discs for slicing through metal.

Sharpening Tools

Those with experience of using an angle grinder can use it to sharpen tools like axes, chisels, and even the blades of a lawnmower. An abrasive grinding disc is used for this purpose, but it should only be performed by those who are comfortable using an angle grinder as it can be dangerous. Indeed, if it is not done correctly, it can damage the blade on the tool being sharpened. Any tools being sharpened in this way should be firmly secured in a vice to avoid injury.


An angle grinder is a versatile tool that can be used for many different jobs. Using the right disc for the specific job can make it easier to get the desired results in a fraction of the time than with other tools. The small handheld device is lightweight and easy to control, making it ideal for a variety of DIY jobs.

Angle grinders come in either corded or cordless varieties and some come with variable speeds to allow for a greater range of operations. Remember to use the correct disc and speed and always stay safe when using this tool.

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